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Gramps Says To many people the tracing of ancestral lineage is a rewarding hobby. An aged aunt of my wife by the name of Mildred Sader had a lifelong collection of genealogy research work that she passed on to us. Her collection was handwritten. Most of that collection included individuals and families from Norway which is notoriously difficult to sort out. Her gift was a treasure trove. Records of my predecessors which have been painstakingly researched by family members over many years are now recorded and are available to view on internet programs. The internet has contributed to an explosion of family history information. There are thousands of people currently reading through and indexing millions of records such as census, births, deaths, marriages, draft cards, christenings, ship manifests and etc. from every corner of the earth. Through modern technological magic these records are often times routed to interested persons who might have a match to their family tree. To some who consider that the countless pages of ‘begats’ in the Bible have more importance than a mere hobby, the work is considered a sacred obligation. For instance, the first book in the New Testament begins with a record of fourteen generations. The last book in the Old Testament ends with a warning that the hearts of the children should be turned to their fathers. The fun part is learning how my ancestors tie into history. My grandmother’s maiden name was Ruth Claire Fox. It happens that the Fox line dates back to Massachusetts Bay Colony. Isaac Fox was born in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1657 which means his father Thomas immigrated to Colonial America sometime before that date. It’s pretty interesting to me that the economy was thriving in such a short time following the arrival of pilgrims in 1620. The industries included fishing, corn, livestock, fur, shipbuilding, whaling and the lumber trades. The decedents of these early settlers would have witnessed and or participated in the Declaration of Independence, the Revolutionary War, the framing of the Constitution, the Civil War and all of the noteworthy events leading to the present day in American history. If you are interested in getting started or expanding your family tree I suggest you contact Donna Wade. Donna is very proficient in gathering family history information and has helped me immeasurably. She is usually available at 7 p.m. every Wednesday in a classroom at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at 435 Anderson St. For more information you may call 530-795-2795. Sophie Says I hope you don’t think I sound snobbish when I say I’m AKC ‘royal blood’. I was sired by Ethans Little Buddy HP 15450502 and Dam: Aliycia’s Little Button HP20805501. To my regret I don’t remember either dad or mom. Even though, as runt of the litter, I was a bargain Gramps has never forgiven me for how much I cost. I try to compensate for my keeping the local veterinarian in business by giving Gramps an enthusiastic welcome whenever he returns home, even if it’s just a short walk to the mail box and back.]]>

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