Sophie Says: Identifying the seven plagues

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Gramps says
There is a bright side to the fire in Bonny Doon. We had a nice visit with our daughter Amy and granddaughter Adalyn. Along with many others from her area and across the state, they were refuges looking for emergency lodging.

In order to continue working, her husband Jessie stayed with a friend in Santa Cruz who was kind enough to also loan him a change of clothes as they had fled in the middle of the night with Adalyn’s two pet guinea pigs and little else. Hundreds of structures perished in the blaze nearby to Amy. Miraculously her home is reported intact as of this writing.

Nate Hardy who lives on Quail Canyon Road was also spared. He sent a photo of his home, completely surrounded by burn but still standing. Fifteen other homes on Quail Canyon Road were not so fortunate and were lost. Several other families of our friends and acquaintances have lost their homes to fires in the outlying areas of Winters. The despair and turmoil caused by such catastrophic losses must be overwhelming for those directly affected.

One of my neighbors likened our circumstances to the plagues visited upon Egypt as told in the Old Testament. That gave me pause.

Upon checking I find seven plagues. So far in California we have it easy with four which include lightning and fire, pandemic, civil unrest and thick darkness (smoke). Nationally we can also throw in hurricanes. I’m looking to find two more that have already occurred so that this will come to an end.

Sophie Says
There must be hundreds of personal stories relating to the fires. If you would like me to comment on your story, send it into the Winters Express, attention Sophie. You can email it to

In regards to turmoil, have heart; everything will look better after Nov. 3.

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