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Gramps Says
Today, I sent a thank you note to the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom. If you are looking for a reason to feel good about something the government did, visit the Department of Motor Vehicles in Vacaville. On Oct. 27 I went into the Vacaville office to renew my driver’s license and get my Real California ID Based on previous experiences I anticipated losing half a day. A miracle occurred. I was back in my car in less than half an hour with my temporary license in hand.

I don’t know anything about the machinations of how this change came to pass, but here is my experience of the end results. Upon entering the door, patrons are directed to a ‘screening’ station where your purpose of being there is matched with the necessary papers that you brought. Then you are directed to the ‘waiting’ area of 30 or 40 chairs, all neatly aligned. Not one chair was occupied and I barely got my seat warm before my number was called. The clerk was a cheerful young lady who was not worn down by years of impatient and tired patrons.

In fact, there was an army of young workers at various locations behind the counters. There was no need to fill out forms as I had already done that online. When the clerk waived the need to take the written test I remarked,” I read the Drivers Handbook, cover to cover, three times — I feel cheated and insist on taking the test.” She chuckled and handed me my papers.

I suspect that she had access to the information that I had taken four ‘practice tests’ online and missed one correct answer on two tests and aced the other two.

Another miracle occurred when I received my license and ID in the mail on Nov. 4. That’s less than a week. That’s almost as good as Amazon.

Sophie Says
Not being able to read and write is an advantage. No written tests, no balancing budgets, no bad world and national news to fret over. I delegate all that to gramps, but I do hear about it even though I purposely show indifference.

Gramps still hasn’t caught on to who is the smartest of us two.

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