Sophie Says: October 9, 2019

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Gramps Says  Near as I can figure there are four generations living out at the Morgan Ranch. Gay Morgan is the matriarch of those fine families. About eight years ago, one of the grandchildren asked Grandpa John Morgan, who is gone now, if he could be married on top of the hill that borders the South side of the property. At that time, the hill was undeveloped. Not to be deterred from granting his grandson’s wish, John ordered in the Caterpillar tractors, cut a road and leveled off the top of the hill. He then plowed it, installed irrigation, planted a lawn, built a wedding arbor and planted trees that border the road and lawn. You have to be there to appreciate the view and ambience of that setting. It was a nice wedding. Since that time the trees have matured and more trees and blueberries have been planted. A vine now covers the old arbor. Recently I attended another wedding on top of the hill. To appreciate the full spender of the California evening light the event needs to be timed perfectly. The sun should set behind the mountain exactly as the ceremony begins. I think Grandpa Morgan was looking down in that heavenly light and thinking, “That project turned out alright”. Now, I’ve just told you about what you can’t have. The Morgan Ranch is not licensed to host weddings. Family is okay and some special friends get special privileges as long as there is no fee paid. But here is what you can do at the Morgan’s. You can pick organically grown fruit just about year round. Right now blueberries and apples are ready with persimmons, pomegranates, mandarins and navel oranges to follow. There is always a wide assortment of dried fruits and nuts available. You can also hike or hitch a ride to the top of hill and contemplate what a nice a spot this would be for a wedding Sophie Says  Two large Labradors live up there on the ranch. It’s not that they outweigh me by 40 or 50 pounds each or that they are not friendly, in fact they are friendly to a fault. It’s just this thing I have about labs. You see, I know a lab named Spud who was always jumping in ‘his’ back yard swimming pool. Can you imagine a dog actually wanting to get wet? Grandpa Morgan built a pond with a lanai and a sandy beach shore to remind him of his favorite vacation spot in Baja. I imagine those two labs jump in any old time. I don’t want to sound disrespectful, but I think the breed is mentally troubled.]]>

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