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Gramps Says “Well, they’re at it again.” This phrase usually connotes trouble. Fortunately it can also mean something of good report is in the works. It is unusual in my experience that a few members of our surrounding neighborhood organized an informal neighborhood coalition to address the impact of a 10 acre parcel that is slated for the development of 53 new homes adjacent to Orchard Lane. We are fortunate to have conscientious organizers who were among the same group that hosted a ‘block party’ last year that was such a hit. That event was mentioned in a previous Sophie Says article.  The coalition met at The Pizza Factory on a recent Tuesday evening. With a birthday party underway on one side of the room and the Walnut Coalition on the other the place was packed, and noisy. After the introductions Kris Baitoo led a discussion. It was mentioned that Walnut Lane is the only access to the existing 108 residences and the new 53 homes to be built and that designers forecast 500 more daily car trips. Other topics included storm water drainage and flood control, density of the new housing and a few other issues. Those who are affected by the new development were encouraged to write to the city planners and leaders to voice their concerns and to request a 30 day postponement of the upcoming public hearing to consider adoption of the Mitigated Negative Declaration. I don’t know why the citizens would request an extension, there are only 180 pages of detailed technical information to digest. A letter from the Walnut Coalition will also be submitted to the City and serve as a united voice for all. There was no discussion to try and kill the project. It was an honest effort to determine what would be in the best interest of both the developer and the community.  While at the Pizza Factory meeting it was a pleasure to become acquainted with some very friendly neighbors such as Bob and Les who live on my very street and a few other folks in nearby neighborhoods. The Pizza was pretty good as well, and it was much easier to digest than all of the technical jargon.  Thanks to the organizers who brought us together. Sophie Says I don’t know what all the fuss is about traffic. I have an open road to my food dish. As to flooding I have the same solution that I would use in case the dam breaks. It’s called the dog paddle. ]]>

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