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Granddaughter Adylan, her two pet Guinea Pigs and mom are reunited with dad thanks to the generosity of a complete stranger who has provided, at no cost to them, a vacation rental on the beach in Santa Cruz. It has been verified that their house was spared and the evacuation order has been lifted so they will be able to return home as soon as they restore power and water.

Sadly, 925 single family homes were lost to the CZU Lighting Fire, many of them friends and acquaintances. Amy’s heart was touched by many kind people, mostly strangers who reached out to help. In one instance during her stay with us, a clerk upon learning she was an evacuee, paid for an essential item that Amy picked up at Lorenzo Market. 

Jerry and Kathy Nelson who resided on Pleasants Valley Road are also thankful for those who have reached out to them. Firstly, the telephone call from their neighbor Jim that saved their lives. It was midnight and Jim was literally driving through flames to escape when he woke up Jerry and Kathy by cell phone to inform them that, ”the fire was right there, their house was illuminated by flames.” They escaped with seconds to spare wearing only what they had on, one car and a TV remote that Jerry grabbed in his adrenaline fueled haste.  Everything else, their home and a lifetime of possessions and personal treasures, perished. 

Jerry says, “I have not shed a tear over the house, but the generosity of others has brought tears to my eyes. This has brought me to my knees, I have so much gratitude. After a three day search and with the help of Sandy Vickrey we have found a furnished rental. We have received donations of cloths and financial aid from friends, past acquaintances and complete strangers. One person offered their mobile home as a place to stay.” Niece Tamara Brewer has organized a fundraiser ‘Nelson Family Fire Relief.’

In the four county areas comprising the LNU Fire it is reported that a total of 469 single family residences were lost. 

The lead article on the front page of the Sept. 2 issue of the Winters Express introduced a collaborative fundraiser effort for fire victims residing in the Greater Winters area. Fire victims can request financial assistance by sending a request to Clothing and basic essentials such as toiletries are also available. Financial donations can be made through the Rotary Club, First Northern Bank, Winters Chamber of Commerce, City of Winters, and several participating businesses. 

Sophie Says
I’m not very good at reading and I don’t watch much TV, but I hear that most of the printed and broadcast news is bad news. It’s heartwarming to learn of so many acts of kindness. Perhaps there is still hope for the human race. 

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