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Gramps Says
On a recent Friday circumstances interrupted our usual meal preparation and we decided to treat ourselves and eat out. These days that means you actually eat out, meaning outside. We ventured downtown to see what was available and we checked out the abbreviated take out menu at the Putah Creek Café, but we were seduced by the aroma of ribs being barbecued in front of the Buckhorn. The ribs were served with macaroni. No bread, vegetable, or alternate choice of sides. Just ribs and macaroni for the price of 14 dollars, and they were mighty tasty. We sat outside at a table on the street and by that time of the evening, around 7:30 p.m., the street was in the shade. It turned out to be very enjoyable dining. Afterwards we had a strong yearning for a yogurt topped with chopped almonds for dessert but The Scoop was shut down. 

There is an interesting article in the July 20 issue of The New Yorker titled ‘Crossroads.’ The article discusses changes to society brought about by the worlds past great pandemics. The COVID-19 is compared to the bubonic plague that struck Europe in the 14 century–“not in the number of dead but in terms of shaking up the way people think.” Six pages of writing delve into how medicine, the sciences, exploration and governmental structures were revolutionized and those pages speak of a pandemic as “an accelerator of mental renewal.”

Well, my mental renewal was the realization that I didn’t need to spend a hundred dollars to enjoy eating out. 

Back to that yogurt with sliced almonds. Can we petition The Scoop to serve their yogurt cups out the front door? Provide a simple checklist menu to select small, medium or large sizes. A choice of French vanilla, chocolate and a flavor of the week could be offered. We don’t need a choice of 12 toppings, perhaps three or four is OK as long as chopped almonds are included. 

Sophie Says
I love the idea of the ribs. By the way, why wasn’t I invited? I accept the fact that I’m not allowed to eat inside of a restaurant, but is there a law against my dining in the street? It seems like you are in my territory rather than the other way around.

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