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Stephanye Martinez Winters has gained a new school! The Winters Career Readiness Academy at Wolfskill is a school that is nothing like the old Wolfskill that people used to laugh about or think very low of. This new school has a lot of opportunities for its students, like helping them get an interview for a job they would like to have, helping them get an internship to see if the job is right for them or learn more about the job. It is helping students become mature and getting its students in the habit of not constantly putting their peers down by joking around or say bad words without thinking of it. The old Wolfskill Continuation High School was a little strict but would have not been so strict on students saying vulgar words or making jokes with the peers. It’s obvious that the teachers would say something to the students using any vulgar words, but they wouldn’t get punished. That Wolfskill was a little more flexible with its students because they didn’t want to lose their students. The Winters C.R.A. of Wolfskill has its students on task at all times. This school is not playing any games! A vulgar word comes out by any student, the staff reminds them that this is not the place for that type of language. The more the student uses that kind of language, the closer they are to getting kicked out of the school. If any student constantly puts their peers down, it has the same result–getting kicked out of the school. The students over the age of 18 would get the choice of adult school or just dropping out if any rule is broken. The students under the age of 18 would get sent back to the original Winters High School if any rule is broken. This school is no joke! Some parents might still say that this school is for students that couldn’t behave in the high school and wouldn’t do well. Just the other day I was wearing a shirt of the school at work and a parent looked at me with kind of a disgusted face and asked me, “You go to that school?!”  I proudly said, “Yes, I do. It’s a very good school.” Their response was, “Why are you there, were you not a good child?” Raging with anger and trying to be as nice as I possibly could I responded, “I actually was a good child but the high school wasn’t right for me because of so many reasons! This school actually helps students to be someone in life. All those bad comments are only rumours.” The parent nodded his head and said no other word. At the end of the day, why should it matter who goes to this school or why they go there? The students are getting their education still and now with the new focus of the school, they are able to get help looking for a job and getting an interview.]]>

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