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Coming back from an 18-day vacation, I wasn’t expecting a lot of changes in town. I did check the obituaries to make sure I didn’t lose any more friends while I as gone, but I didn’t miss any funerals, thank God. It didn’t take long to get back into my normal routine of work, pool games and watching the world go by.

I did notice a lot of changes around town, like the slab for the new hotel and the Starbucks rising next to Chevron. The new roundabout project looks just the same but there was a new stop light at the PG&E facility.

The light at Main and Grant was covered with burlap, but it is only a matter of time before that light will be stopping me from heading to the brewery. And speaking of the Berryessa Brewing Company, their (I think) fifth anniversary party was Sunday. It was quite the event with the Friends of the Library hosting a meet and greet with local writers, lots of food trucks and live bands throughout the day and evening, and I have to mention the great beers.

I’m not sure how many people were there but hundreds when I left, I was there early, but my hat is off to Dan Martinez and Chris Miller for making some great beer and being very successful in a short amount of time. I’ve read where some of the breweries in the Sacramento area have closed because of the number of new breweries, but if good beer will keep Berryessa Brewery open, they have it made in the shade.

I took a drive around the new houses and they seem to be selling well. The city has been approving subdivisions left and right, but it might be time to call time out on new construction until we come up with a better balance of affordable and upscale homes. I haven’t seen one set of subdivision plans yet that has large lots. It seems that the lots are getting smaller and the houses getting bigger, but we could use some upscale homes to attract people moving from the Bay Area that find Winters an attractive place to move.

The PG&E facility won’t be the last business to move to Winters and it would be nice if we had a place for their managers to live. Golden Bear Estates may be an option for some, but a lot of people like to live in town, on a bigger lot with all the amenities of a small town.

We don’t have a lot of shacks, but even in Africa you could see large homes mixed in with smaller dwellings. Some of the homes looked like they were half finished, and when I asked about it, our guides would say that people build when they get money and if they run out of money, or die, the projects just stop. Sounds like Winters subdivisions in the past, but now it is full steam ahead and we shouldn’t miss the opportunity to demand some move up housing.

Project Playground starts next week, running from Oct. 10 through the 15. They are looking for volunteers and if you would like to help call Cheryl Moore at 530-902-1083. For those that missed the last playground construction project, and have regrets, now is the time to step forward. You don’t need construction skills to help, just show up and someone will give you a job. If you have skills, the more the better.

Have a good week.


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