When the wind blows but nobody’s there to hear it… did it really blow?

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blankCOMMUNICATION IS everything in life and you either do it or you don’t. Writers especially have to have their ducks in order because their life purpose is to write.

Some people communicate on radio, TV or in the movies to a hopeful audience and hope the feedback is good, but most of us simply communicate because the option is there to do so. Others simply are non-communicative and live on in quiet solitude.

In golf, a player grips the club and swings at a dimpled little ball and moves on to his next shot, as the idea is to advance the ball toward the target. People pay $50-1,000 for four or five hours, and 18 holes later, they are done. They enjoy the company of their group while applying their skills against the winds of nature. So why is it that the game is dropping in popularity ?

Golf courses in Nevada are being taken over by the county, which then uses the surrounding land to build schools for the kids. That’s a good thing! It’s good, for they’re developing people skills, and taxpayer dollars keep the golfing world afloat.

Developers follow with housing, and communities are being built that are family-oriented and it looks good on paper. Why then are they eventually going bankrupt ?

I pondered this before a cup of black coffee this morning and I’m still not sure…

Reno, Nevada, has always been a quiet community funded by gambling. The university has now extended to the south side of Interstate 80, and student housing will extend to the downtown area. Across the river, midtown is rapidly growing with small businesses and coffee shops, while housing prices have tripled. The homeless population is extensive

There is no end in sight and big business is moving in!

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