Express Yourself: A window to Winters time

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By Kelly Linville
Special to the Express

Rewind to 2018 to 2019. A year we had no idea the big bug would come to town. We were thriving, joyful and every week there where festivities. We organized local fun and opened our arms to all who would visit to share their own fun and amazement of this town called Winters. As one local said, “Winters is unstoppable!” Yes, indeed!

We debated about parking and new land development, but we strived to keep this Town’s charms in tact. With mutual respect and integrity we found our common ground, indeed.

Fires threatened us, the Lakes suffered and our wildlife braved the damaged land as did our residents. We came together to help those in need.
It was Apocalyptic, indeed.

Then the dark cloud came in and we were separated on so many levels. It’s been a difficult time to say the least. But some how we came together, supported one another, found ways to uplift one another. Marching bands blasted song down Main Street, school caravans and teachers honking with signs saying, “we miss you!” Santa with a small caravan greeting us as we quarantined inside. Local businesses and the City took amazing initiatives to keep the Economy going and to keep everyone “safe”…

It’s been a strange few years. We all have a slice of loss from this. We also know that we looked after our children, seniors and animals impacted by the ongoing uncertainty. As well as our neighbors. We came together for food drives and donations to families in need.
We are good overall indeed.

Fast forward to now. It’s Spring and we all feel a breath of fresh air and a sense of relief.
For now let’s keep looking out for one another and know the community of Winters is a wonderful town to live in and visit. We have each other’s back. Past, present and going forward we know this to be true. I hope you can agree.

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