Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas!

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blankAnother Christmas is fast approaching and I just might be ready this year. I don’t think I’m alone in getting a little depressed around the holidays. Just thinking about January, February and March, for a small business owner, is depressing all by itself. You have all of your bills coming due, with little revenue coming in.

There is always the pressure to purchase presents for everyone, and then there is my birthday at the end of December. There have been years when I fell into a funk and didn’t buy anything. Kind of a self-destruction mood, you might say. I’ve read about the lack of sunshine causing depression, but I think it is just business and life getting in the way of being able to enjoy the holidays.

This year seems to be better. It might be that I feel like I have one foot out the door and Taylor will have to worry about making money at the start of the new year. I’ve been trying to take more days off, without too much success, I might add. My goal of golfing twice a week as opposed to twice a month isn’t working out, yet.

The grandkids are getting easier to buy for. They are old enough that I, almost, know what to buy for them. I noticed that I’m not putting “from Santa” on their presents this year. The ex-permanent tenants are old enough that they don’t need much, if anything, but I’m sure my better half has taken care of them anyway.

As they aged, while we stayed the same, we started joining them on a night out, or some other adventure, instead of gifts. We did the same thing for their birthdays when they were young. I’m sure they remember their birthday adventures better than whatever presents we bought them over the years.

Watching Hallmark movies always puts me in the Christmas spirit. Sherri and I laugh about how they are all the same. Some relative has died, their business needs to be rescued and there is always snow. The romance is always flirty until the end, where they end up happily ever after. What I really enjoy is the age of the couple in the movies. These are not teenagers falling in love, but middle age actors, that get recycled from movie to movie.

If you start watching the Hallmark Channel make sure you have a comfortable chair. I’m not sure how many Christmas movies Hallmark has produced, but there are enough to play 24-7 for the month of December. I read where they made 33 Christmas movies in 2017 alone. If they don’t cheer you up, you might have to switch to the Disney Channel.

Here is hoping that everyone has a great Christmas and holiday season. May your life be filled with joy, health, and family.

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