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I wish to respond to the June 7 article in the Express written by Debra D’angelo. It seems like she can’t stay away from controversy.
Mr. Robert Nickelson, who created the Good without God Scholarship, must have his reasons for going against the grain. Still I have to admire Nickelson in some way for his courage. Perhaps he reads a lot of Christopher Hitchens, whose book “God is not Great” was one of his accomplishments. Madalyn Murray O’Hair, who got prayer banned from schools, might be also on his reading list.
Gandhi was once asked why he did not become a Christian. His response was “I never met one.” Perhaps Mr. Nickleson has never met one either.
I think it is the responsibility of all the Christian Churches (or Muslim or Jewish if there are ever any here) to make some changes, perhaps unify in some way. Those who preach from pulpits and those who are in attendance should try to make sure that Mr. Nickelson does finally meet a  true Christian and learns a little bit from it.
The fact that Nickelson or Sarah Hagy are here is testament that God indeed exists. Something as complex as a human being is enough proof that there has to be a designer. Think of the “Big Bang” that created the universe. What made it happen?
Robert Fischer


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