Letter: Passing of Harold Anderson

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A Winters Express Letter to the Editor

The March 4 passing of Harold Anderson saw the loss of a true “lion” whose representation and stewardship for Winters has been unmatched over the past three decades. His impact on our community is all around us and will be seen for generations to come.

During his almost three decades on the City Council, Harold represented the City on practically every board and commission within the region and his influence was amongst the most respected of any in elected office. He was a soft-spoken man but when he spoke, all listened intently to the saged wisdom he elicited. He brought practicality and vision to moving Winters and the region forward. He helped secure funding for some of our biggest projects.

In Winters, you see the impact of Harold everywhere. The revitalization of a thriving Downtown, the Putah Creek Car Bridge, the Railroad Bridge, the restoration of Putah Creek, the North Bank Trail, the Library and Pool, the Public Safety Facility and the roundabout on Highway 128. The affordable housing projects such as Orchard Village, Blue Mountain Terrace, Winters Apartments II and the rehab of the Almondwood Apartments.

Harold was an innovator, advocating for Winters to be the first city in the region with a “form-based code” which serves as the basis for future planning for our core. He was a great colleague to all on the City Council, helping to educate them and make them effective. He set the tone for collegiality, dignity and respect on all levels.

Harold Anderson was a strong advocate for both seniors and youth, He was an active member of the Rotary Club of Winters and formed the nonprofit Rotary Foundation whose focus is “for the benefit of young people.” Harold was the center of the Rotary Youth Day Pancake Breakfast for over 20 years.

Winters has lost one of its greatest champions, a man whose impact and legacy can be seen daily and whose stewardship has made our town one of the best anywhere.


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