Letters: A lot of gratitude for the Mariani family

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A Winters Express Letter to the Editor

I would like to express my gratitude for the Mariani family — today, specifically, for allowing the City of Winters to run a volunteer-led fireworks show fundraiser in its parking lot.

Due to rising costs across the board, the funding gap for the City of Winters July 3rd Fireworks Show was roughly $10,000 heading into this show this year. While the final fundraising totals have not yet been tallied, thanks to the Mariani family’s generosity, volunteers were able to help bridge some of that gap by charging $10 per car for parking in Mariani’s open space lots.

The city’s fireworks show provides a safe, professional community environment in which thousands of people enjoy the rockets’ red glare. Without the Mariani family, this family event might not be possible; with certainty, without efforts like the parking lot fundraiser, taxpayers would be footing more of the cost.

The Mariani family’s generosity does not end at the fireworks show — it has also allowed the Rotary Club of Winters to raise money for its Community Foundation at other events. Were the family not so selfless, its business could charge for parking; instead, 100 percent of the money raised from these parking lot fundraisers goes directly back into the community.

I am so grateful for their generosity, which they themselves never seem to promote. We are lucky to have them play such an important role in this town.

Taylor Buley

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