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As an engaged voter, I’m asked to support candidates throughout the nation.

During the upcoming local city council election, we will have the opportunity to improve the direction of our goals and aspirations.

We are fortunate to have local leadership. Experienced and committed guides in our quest for a better life for our families.

I could easily be referring to the Honorable Cecilia Aguiar-Curry or our own Councilmember Jesse Loren but I am referring to City Council candidate, Ms. Lisa Baker.

Ms. Lisa Baker is a rare individual with knowledge and experience that extends beyond local issues.

Extensive CEO experience and a known leader in city infrastructure issues. She consistently adds value to the various volunteer local organizations and is currently Vice Chair of the Planning Commission.

Ms. Lisa Baker has the rare ability to break down the issues of concern as the city navigates in a very daunting environment.

We have been blessed with steady and committed leadership but we will see a dramatic but welcome change in city governance.

If you are an engaged voter like myself or a casual voter with limited time to assess like my wife, a retired law enforcement officer, we encourage you to vote for Ms. Lisa Baker, Winters City Council.

Retired Business owner

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