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A Winters Express Letter to the Editor

It’s not often we get to elect school board members in Winters. Two years ago, an election was held for three seats, and I believe the elected trustees have done an excellent job of serving our district.

I held the office of president of the Winters Area Education Association (teachers union) for five years, from 2017–2022. In my 24 years teaching in Winters, I have held positions in the union for about half of those years, and I have been to more school board meetings and committee meetings than I can count.

We have a strong school board right now, and it is being led by Carrie Green. You can observe her at Board of Trustee meetings twice a month asking thoughtful questions, being respectful to presenters and other trustees, and making positive comments after presentations. As the longest-serving trustee on the current board, she helps other trustees learn about the district and the various duties that go along with being a trustee.

Outside of school board meetings, she has been a regular volunteer in classrooms, an attendee at school functions, and a helper at community events. In addition to serving as president of the WJUSD Board of Trustees, she has served on the Yolo County School Boards Association since 2019, where she served a term as president for the school year 2021–2022.

For several years I have watched Mrs. Green treat people respectfully and participate in difficult conversations with an open mind. She has been part of a team who has had to make hard decisions. The pandemic created many challenges for the school district, and Mrs. Green was a consistent, valuable part of the district who fulfilled her commitments and supported teachers, students, and families.

Teachers are happy to work with her. She is friendly and approachable, and she cares about teachers and our concerns. She makes decisions with students of all ages in mind. She knows the schools well. She has, in fact, entrusted the Winters Joint Unified School District with her own children’s educations.

The public can elect a school board member, but once a trustee is seated, it’s up to all trustees to monitor each other’s behavior. If another trustee is out of line, Mrs. Green will hold them accountable for their actions and words as they represent the district. This is important, because public officials representing school districts need to always remember they are under the watchful eye of the public, whom they are serving.

Those serving on our school board now have been outstanding examples of officials who do their jobs seriously, learn what they need to in order to make decisions thoughtfully, and show respect for school staff and district office employees.

If voters in Area 2 are looking for someone committed, respectful, and knowledgeable, Carrie Green is the person for the job.


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