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In the Express dated Sept. 28, 2022 little baby Rubee Jacquelynn Trotter’s birthday was printed as “Sept. 29, 2022” which was a day after the paper was issued — seems odd to have that kind of vision. The paper dated Oct. 5, 2022 lists her birthday as: “July 29, 2022.” This poor child will have a difficult time knowing when she was born if she relies on the Winters Express information! Then if you look at “Years Ago — 70 Years Ago” you will notice that the 4-H vice president was shown as, “Tom Thomsom” when, in fact, his name was Tom Thomson (we were classmates so I do know how his name was spelled and I’m sure that it was done correctly when the article first appeared in the paper 70 years ago).

I believe that these are some examples of poor proofreading which it seems happens in each publication. Yes, it is a “small town newspaper” BUT when the town was much, much smaller the quality of the newspaper was much better. What kind of an image does this present to new folks who read the paper?


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