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A Winters Express Letter to the Editor

Re: Grand Jury releases report on Winters school district, by Rick von Geldern, June 22, 2022 edition

Based on the Yolo County Grand Jury’s investigation, it is clear that the school district needs to hire a new superintendent who has the proven ability to improve student literacy and help students who qualify for special-education services.

In terms of literacy, the Grand Jury looked at the English language arts test scores for the 2018-19 school year; those fifth grade students are the incoming freshman at Winters High School. Their conclusion was that “the district struggles with literacy” and “has been unable to clarify…the percentage of students who are underperforming in literacy skills.” Our community needs a superintendent who makes sure that the chosen curriculum will improve reading and writing skills and is able to provide information that clearly demonstrates the progress being made.

The school district needs to publish a user-friendly document and post it at each school so parents can easily understand what they need to do. The Grand Jury gave a recommended deadline of Oct. 1, but I urge the District to take care of this before the 2022–23 school year begins in mid-August.

The questions that the school board and its consulting firm need to ask of superintendent candidates are:

  • What have you done to improve students’ reading and writing skills? Provide us with solid evidence of what you have done to improve literacy at the schools at which you have worked.
  • What have you done to help parents get their children evaluated for special-education services? Show us how you have improved access for students who need extra help.

Our school district is responsible for educating every single child, including those with learning disabilities, and preparing them to be successful in life. This includes helping our children who plan to pursue higher education. We need a superintendent who has the proven leadership ability to make this happen.

Robyn Rominger

P.S. When are we going to get that high school girls’ softball field? It is the 50th anniversary of Title IX and we still don’t have equal athletic facilities for the girls.

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