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A Winters Express Letter to the Editor

As I write this, I listen to the sound of construction machinery grading and preparing the space for 54 new homes behind our neighborhood. I wonder to myself who will be buying these new homes and what our new neighbors will be like. While I am hopeful that they will have young children for my own kids to play with, I am also deeply concerned for new families moving to Winters.

My youngest son currently attends Little Pioneers, although it is unclear for how much longer. He is almost 18 months old. While I could go on and on about how upset I am with Pioneer Church’s decision to eliminate the daycare and the way the matter has been handled, I won’t. As our city continues to grow, it is apparent that we have a huge problem — where are the children supposed to go?

Little Pioneers is currently the only daycare center that cares for infants. Other than a handful of highly sought after in-home daycares, there are no other options for parents with children under two years old. With the rising cost of living in Winters, the vast majority of families have two working parents and need full-time care for their children. How are we supposed to entice young families to come be a part of our community when we cannot support them?

Whitney Vickrey

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