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A Winters Express Letter to the Editor

Having been a Winters Express subscriber for more than 20 years, I wanted to compliment you on the (Feb. 1) edition. I appreciated the thoughtful reporting on things that matter to me as a resident. The nice article about a former Winters High Student who is doing his best to make it in the difficult world of apparel and the article about the Abbey House Inn. Those are the kind of articles that I would love to see more of in our local paper. There are so many interesting people and small businesses that operate here that we don’t always know about them or even understand what they do.

I also applaud your efforts to be more inclusive with our Spanish-speaking community and find ways to make the paper and our local news part of that group as well. Having been part of the ESL group at the library, I know there is a really great group of Spanish-speaking folks that are getting great help as they navigate becoming citizens and assimilating into the local culture. They love Winters and are such a vibrant and important part of our community. It would be great to have more of their perspective in the paper. Maybe a local column from one of them? They are what help make the fabric of our community and there are some very amazing stories to tell.

Anyway, thanks for the news and I also do love the columns about what happened in our town 100 years ago. It really helps bring our history to the forefront and reminds us of where we have come from.


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