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Last Friday, the Rotary Club of Winters was honored to gather a large group of neighbors to fundraise for its Community Foundation. Rotary’s long-running Food & Wine Gala returned as a hit, and Rotarians were very pleased to share such a memorable evening with our friends.

On behalf of the club, I would like to thank, firstly, John Lorenzo for getting of the wineries to show up. Secondly, I am grateful for the corporate sponsors that laid the financial foundation for the event’s success by paying for must-haves like tables and linens: Button Transportation, Carbahal & Co., Double M Trucking, First Northern Bank, Hotel Winters and Vintage Paving Co are not just great businesses, but great neighbors, too. And fun to be around.

There were a number of people who really brought everything together: Linda Barbosa and her co-chair Jessica Kilkenny put in a lot of work. Additionally, Andrea Barry, along with Elizabeth Hernandez and numerous members of the local First Northern Bank staff, also really made things happen for the event.

Finally, we are grateful to our friends and neighbors who took time out of their weekend to spend it with us at Hotel Winters — especially those who spent some money at the silent auction, too. We look forward to investing into the community the funds that we raised together. As of late, the Winters Senior Center is a project that the Community Foundation board finds particularly worthy of its financial attention.

President, Rotary Club of Winters

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