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 Looking over the ballot (mail in version) I have noticed some eye-raising irregularities:

1. Two democrats are running against each other for U.S. Senator. Where are the other parties? We aren’t being given a choice. Is this the Soviet Union where only ruling party candidates were among the choices?
2. In the Judicial section it is just a yes or no vote. Are there any competitors at all? Most of these people we have never heard of. What happens if no votes prevail? Will there be another round of choices later? Go to the internet if you need to. Corrigan is a republican. Mauro has to be something similar because he was appointed to his previous job by a republican governor. Kruger worked as official under Obama. Blease was appointed by Jerry Brown. Guess which party they belong to. We don’t get enough information about these people!
3. In the voter’s guide Newsom doesn’t put in a statement. Is he so overconfident that he thinks he doesn’t need to? Makes me wonder. Hillary was overconfident. So was Bradley when he ran for governor and lost.
4. A letter appeared in the Oct 25th edition about how Yolo County Voters only had 38% participation in the last election. We need to do better!
Robert Fischer

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