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A Winters Express Letter to the Editor

Richard Kleeberg nailed it in last week’s “Pity the poor Pocket Park in Winters” article which in my opinion is another instance of the city doing something and the result being less.

Once heralded to be an art park, the 20-year “H’art Park” vision now appears but a scant reality of the communal and artful vision presented to the City Council last January. It seems to be little more than a brick-lined walkway connecting the Winters Hotel’s outdoor dining patio gate and Main Street with some inartful green PG&E boxes thrown in.

Kleeberg casts doubt on the City’s veracity with their saying they had no idea that the PG&E power boxes were being installed. Really? Why not? Aren’t there mandatory city inspections conducted? Yes, Richard, I agree it is hard to believe.

Is there a disconnect here? Our community is managed in many respects by non-resident management whose job titles are here, but whose own homes are as far away as Contra Costa, Colusa and Sacramento counties. They may come to work in Winters but are out of sight before the sun sets.

We also have outside contractors doing management’s job. The city is paying $75,000 to a consultant to prepare a SurveyMonkey survey, for among other things, to help recommend where to place downtown garbage dumpsters.

If City management can’t muster up a clear vision and plan for the future of Winters, perhaps it’s time for someone who can.


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