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As the former Yolo County Superintendent of Schools I have witnessed first-hand District Attorney’s Jeff Reisig programs across Yolo County. His work in the area of school to prison pipeline, human trafficking, early literacy, parent immigrant rights, and most recently deported veterans puts his office as one of the innovative offices in California.

Few District Attorneys across the nation are willing to open their office to look at full transparency and invite non-partisan researchers to scrutinize and develop solutions where all of Yolo County can be proud of. In a feature story in 2021 the Sacramento Bee said, “Reisig’s new initiatives should be lauded, and other counties should follow suit. The opportunity to achieve meaningful change and deliver unbiased justice should be embraced by every district attorney.”

Reisig’s commitment and efforts to our youth is well documented, his engagement with Yolo County school leaders is unsurpassed. In partnership with Stanford University a system was developed that removes all references to an arrested person’s race and name in the reports. This program was designed to eliminate any unconscious or implicit bias that may have impact on charging decisions. Yolo County was first in California to deploy such race-blind charging.

A vote for Reisig is a vote that benefits all of Yolo County citizens.

Jesse Ortiz
Yolo County Superintendent of School (retired)

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