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I have over 40 years of experience defending persons charged with crimes in Yolo County. I have known Jeff Reisig professionally for 25 of those years, from when he started as a Deputy District Attorney in Yolo County. I have had a front row seat to his career, both as a Deputy District Attorney in court every day prosecuting all types of criminal cases, from minor crimes to murder trials, and progressing to his four terms as the Yolo County DA, Yolo County’s Chief Law Enforcement Officer.

As a business owner and a person who lives and has raised a family in this county, I am interested in protecting the safety of our community. We need a District Attorney who can be tough when the facts and circumstances warrant toughness. Jeff can do that. Likewise, we need a District Attorney with excellent prosecutorial discretion in cases where the facts and circumstances regarding the crime or the defendant warrant understanding and compassion, rehabilitation and a second chance. Jeff can do that as well.

I have seen Jeff progress, change policy and evolve with the times. There is a reason why Jeff was called one of the most innovative District Attorneys in California in a recent Sacramento Bee article, which was written after the Bee spent time examining his office’s policies and procedures. He has been open to learn from the data and current studies to establish policies that are in line with those studies. In fact, for many years he has been at the forefront of significant change to the criminal justice system in Yolo County in terms of being among the first in California to establish restorative justice programs, mental health and addiction intervention courts, diversion policies for first time drug offenders, racially blind charging protocols, retroactive sentencing reviews and other such programs. Many of my clients have been on the receiving end of the benefits of these policies and programs and have gone on to be productive members of our community.

The District Attorney occupies a position of utmost responsibility in our community. That position should be filled by a person who has the qualifications, experience and capability of rationally balancing the many interests involved. Jeff has a bona fide track record of doing just that. Jeff Reisig has the qualities to shoulder that responsibility in a manner that would benefit all members of our community and that will ensure the Yolo County remains a great place in which to live, work and raise a family.

Steven C. Sabbadini

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