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A Winters Express Letter to the Editor

Noah Anthony Lichwa touched the lives of many. Everywhere he went he spread joy, love, laughter. He is funny, sensitive, caring, adventurous and thoughtful. He always knew how to make you laugh with his witty comments. To know him was to love and adore him. He was an A student, just finished his freshman year of high school, had his first job interview that week, and was beginning his love for his sports career. He has a love for animals, anime, was looking forward to going to college, and was considering pursuing film and editing.

Our hearts also go out to those who met him and love him like family. I hope it gives you peace as it does us knowing he is with his best friend of 10 years Michael Bazan, may he Rest In Peace as well. He is also comforted by our grandpa Dennis, his older brother Dennis, our nanny, and Divina McFarland. All we ask is that you always think of him. Don’t be scared to talk about him. Always share the memories of him and how he impacted your lives. He will always be with us and looking down on us. He will never be forgotten. His memories and the stories we will share about him live with us forever.

He lives on through his family including his parents: Jenyse Marin (mom), Edwin Lichwa (dad), Ray Marin (stepdad), Michelle Lichwa (stepmom), Daniel Lichwa (brother), Evelyn Lichwa (sister), Tiffany Lichwa (sister), Jason Lichwa (brother), Raymond Marin (stepbrother), Kirsten Marin (stepsister), Aaron Snovel (stepbrother), Claire Blackwell (stepsister), and Emily Blackwell (stepsister).

Noah Anthony Lichwa, July 16, 2007–June 9, 2022.

Tiffany Lichwa

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