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A Winters Express Letter to the Editor

A month ago, Charles Wallace insisted that everyone who isn’t on board with abortion on demand, whittling away the second amendment, and diminishing freedom of religious expression should leave the state of California. A week later, he advocated accelerated immigration — at a time when there is rampant illegal immigration at our southern border. A week after that, he pontificated over the grave importance of the Jan. 6 hearings, as if they were anything but a political witch hunt. First of all, Charles, I’m not sure you ever did, but you certainly don’t currently represent the people of Winters. Your opinions — and that is all they are, opinions — are better suited to the Peoples Republic of Davis. I’m sure many others in our wonderful small town take offense to your comments, and not just because they hardly represent a “moderate Republican,” as you claim to be. The last thing we need in our lovely town is an ideologue blathering about polarizing subjects that at least half of the populace fervently disagrees with. We don’t need the Express to be a print version of Twitter and Facebook. Stick to your folksy pieces.

Mike Barnett

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