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Dear Community,

Today marks five years of Mel and I taking over ownership of Steady Eddy’s. So many emotions come to light as we reflect on all that we been a part of.

I have been connected to coffee since I was 16 and started working at one of the big coffee corporations. I saw then, that coffee was more than just a hot/cold energy drink. It could bring people together, it can be the only thing a group of individuals have in common, and it be help create creative spaces where people can work and be personal at the same time. This idea stuck with me at a very young age. I read the autobiography of that CEO, back in the late 90’s, and read about how he almost did not “make it” because people close to him told him to give up his coffee dream. He persisted (a word that I love and my kids are learning in school) that this was his destiny. Almost in that same spirit, I have realized my husband (master roaster) and I and I can serve this community very well with the commodity of coffee.

When we took over, we did not have Facebook, Instagram, website or an icon to represent our business. What we did have though, was something special. We had a true fanbase. We went with that and geared up to serve our cyclists and guests better and faster, all the time with the same friendly service that they have known to count on from the previous owners.

We had a sign put up on the first day of business on December 3, 2013 and it read, “Eat, drink,and be Merry,” Christmas came and went, but the sign has remained because it is the motto of our shop I have come to realize. It is the epitome of what Mel hopes to happen when being with us at our shop. So, thank you friends and guests. We hope you, eat, drink, and be merry! Here is to the next five years!

Thank you,

Carla and Mel Wroten (Master Roaster)

Owners,Steady Eddy’s Coffee House


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