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A Winters Express Letter to the Editor

We will soon vote to fill the places of three members of our City Council, who have worked hard for our town and have acquired much knowledge of how to keep Winters the wonderful place it is. Harold Anderson, Wade Cowan, and Pierre Neu deserve a great big thanks for all the years they have given to our community. Now our next election is coming up on the 8th of next month. We have to replace all three of them.

Before we vote, we need to know how familiar the candidates are with what it will take to keep us moving forward. Fortunately, there are three people who we can rely on to have knowledge and commitment to work to meet the needs of our lovely home town. They are:

Lisa Baker, highly respected expert in affordable housing, who has served on several Winters commissions and was the director of the Yolo County Housing Authority.

Carol Scianna, who worked as a department manager for the the City of Winters, where she worked for 17 years. Carol knows how city government operates.

Albert Vallecillo, with degrees in architecture and environmental design, has served on several commissions for the City, and presently the Winters Planning Commission and the Hispanic Advisory Committee.

With these three fine people filling the gaps, we can be assured that Winters will continue to be the unique town we all love.

I am voting for Baker, Scianna and Vallecillo for Winters City Council.


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