Letters: Vallecillo, Baker have established leaders with depth of knowledge

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A Winters Express Letter to the Editor

I’m giving my fullest support to Albert Vallecillo and Lisa Baker for Winters City Council. Lisa and Albert are fair, honest, have integrity, and have shown a long-term commitment to Winters and a deep and nuanced understanding of where we need to go in the next 10 years.

Lisa is a national, state, and regional leader on community development and housing, a committed non-partisan neighbor, and vice-chair of the Planning Commission. Al Vallecillo spent two full terms on the Planning Commission, served on the Affordable Housing Steering Committee and the Tree Commission, serves on the Hispanic Advisory Committee and board of the Winters Community Corazón. He was a founding member of Keep Winters Winters (the group that promoted the successful ballot measure that established that no growth can happen past the Urban Limit Line without residents’ approval). Both clearly know the issues we are facing as a city and have long established regional leadership chops.

I have worked closely with both on a variety of ad hoc committees and have unwavering support for their ability to collaborate and work through tough issues. Although we don’t always agree, it is important that the people who serve our city interact respectfully on the dais and in regional appointments. Winters will benefit from Albert and Lisa’s steady leadership.

I know that Al and Lisa have the chops to address the aging General Plan, future housing, fire resilience, and groundwater conservation. These are the most important issues ahead. They will bring a depth of knowledge to the big issues and the issues that affect our daily lives.

I have truly been blessed to serve the city for the last six years and look forward to the future. It’s my hope that the next elected City Council members will have comprehensive regional values, long term experience in local issues, proven ability to collaborate, and a demonstrated willingness to work through issues respectfully. I know for certain that Al and Lisa will make our city proud.


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