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Winters is remarkable for many reasons, and the singular reason that we all can agree on is that everyone in town, regardless of background or politics, loves this place. I remember working on the General Plan 30 or more years ago as a citizen, and one of the planning consultants said that “Winters is unbelievably unusual. Uniquely a charming, small, and historic rural town sandwiched between major highways and urban centers like San Francisco and Sacramento. Winters is a community that celebrates and accommodates everyone, from local farming, schools, festivities, safety, food stability, and diversity — from kids to seniors along with a deep Hispanic history.”

Why is Winters unusual? It’s because of enlightened leadership, not only from the City Council and Planning Commission but from many citizens who care about Winters and get involved. This is why I’m supporting Carol Scianna for City Council.

Carol is deeply committed to Winters and has the experience to lead. She and Ed and their family have lived in Winters for over 40 years, and she has worked for 16 years as the City’s Environmental Service Manager. In that position, she was required to manage complex budgets that led to the development of our Nature Park Trail, the Railroad Car Bridge, sidewalk improvements, pedestrian crossings, the Grant Avenue Roundabout, and more.

Carol also dedicates herself to nonprofit volunteer work such as Winters Friends of the Library (WFoL), the Tree Commission, Meals on Wheels, Natural Resource Commission among others. I’ve enjoyed working with her for WFoL to create a new library in town, as well as working with her in the Library Garden. Not surprisingly, Carol was awarded Winters Citizen of the Year and Congressman Garamendi’s Women of the Year.

Carol is focused on meeting the needs of all residents in our community. She wants to provide local job opportunities with wages that will support their families and allow them to live where they work. She also wants to provide affordable housing, better access for those with limited mobility as well as better and safer pedestrian and bike paths, and to support our students and their families to help them become successful adults. Welcoming new families into town and helping them find their place in our community is also paramount.

Finally, and importantly, she understands that our town is now under the constant threat of extreme heat, catastrophic fires and devastating drought. She is committed to making policy that addresses all of these issues within an affordable budget.

Please vote for Carol Scianna for Winters City Council on Nov. 8. Carol is the leadership we need to make our remarkable town even better.


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