Letters: Thank you for supporting Camp Fire victims

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A big heartfelt thanks to all who came out to support the fire victims of Paradise and the Camp fire. A special thanks to our Winters Fire Department who served on the fire and also fundraised for the victims. Your team demonstrates outstanding integrity and commitment. Also, a big thanks  to Lori and Chris Miller who came up with “Thirst Responder” ale and donated the time and space for the event. Thank you for your community service.

I’d also like to thank everyone who helped with the event: Lisa Baker, Brian Bellamy, Kate Laddish, Tina Lowden, John Donlevy, Melissa Moreno, Gloria Partida, Lucas Frerichs, Don Saylor and Autumn Labbe-Renault. This was more of a YOLO event than an event by one city! A big thank you to Paradise town Councilmembers Melissa Schuster and Scott Lotter, and Chico Councilmember Randall Stone for coming out and talking to the community about the long-range response. Thank you to the Muddy Waders and all the great staff at Berryessa Brewing Co!

Thank you everyone who came out, your generous donations totaled $11,570.00 in gift cards, $485 in online donations, and $10,658 in checks and cash. Our small town is the little engine who could! We may be small in size and population, but we have big hearts, and we do what we can to help our neighbors.

Sincerely, Jesse Loren


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