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Change is in the air. Seems like it always is.

One proposed change has been the Warriors Logo at the high school. Even though there is a native american logo there it is nothing like the racist emblem of the Cleveland Indians. Besides there is nothing really offensive about a people or society having warriors. The U.S. has had them.Patton is the obvious one. Mad Dog Mattis is another. Has anyone ever heard of Howling Mad Smith? (look him up future historians).
Another historical tidbit is that we’ve only had our current National Anthem “The Star Spangled Banner” since 1931, when Herbert Hoover signed in into law. It had a competitor “America the Beautiful” which didn’t make it. Maybe people were in a fighting mood as the Great Depression had just kicked in, and they chose a song about a war. Like the native american pictured at Winters High School, maybe it needs to be changed, maybe it doesn’t. But consensus is building about it.
In the same manner I think the National Anthem we have now needs to give way to a better one, “America the Beautiful”. Like in many of the presidential speeches we’ve heard, especially from George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and the current White House occupant, God gets mentioned a lot. There is already a hymn named “God Bless America” but it isn’t “America the Beautiful” where God is taken into account in a much better way. One has to read the verses. God isn’t asked to give an unconditional blessing and at least that is the way I see it.
I think all of the members of Congress can get on board with making “God Bless America” our national anthem. It won’t cost much and will give the legislators a breather from the acrimonius gridlock we have been witnessing lately. Even future presidential contenders like Cory “Bulldog” Booker and Elizabeth “Pitbull” Warren might find it hard to oppose such a measure, and Trump might not back down from such a proposal even though “The Star Spangled Banner” is about a tattered flag after a battle and his birthday is on Flag Day, June 14th.
So let’s call off the dogs and stop all the barking. “God Bless America” as our National Anthem is an idea whose time has come. Read the verses in it. “may God mend thine every flaw” and “may God thy gold refine.” We aren’t a perfect country but there’s room for improvement. That looks like the message. I write to Trump every day about it and have even written Jerry Brown about it. Seems like this is a win win thing for everyone, even the kneeling football players.
Robert Fischer

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