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Winters High School class of 1957, 60 years ago, back in the day, in the good old days or however you want to look at it, Winters was a well-rounded community, a safe place to live and grow up, a place were we played “kick the can” in the street during the summer evenings.

A town with three full service grocery stores, a stand-alone meat market, two drug stores, two hardware stores, a 5 and 10 cent store, a soda fountain and a dry good store where you could buy almost anything, three car dealers, etc. All of these businesses plus some others I’m probably forgetting were kept alive by local residents and all the farmers (big and small) surrounding town. There were no empty stores. Tourism was unheard of, just lots of happy residents, proud of their little town.

Yes, we were the proud Winters Warriors those 60 years ago. It is an honor to be named after someone or someplace. An Indian warrior in full headdress is there to win the battle no matter what, just like our high school athletes have always done.  Not to make fun of but to win in the name of a Warrior.

Cities, rivers, lakes, parks, etc. carry “Indian” in their naming all over America.  Being Scandinavian, I do not resent the Minnesota Vikings but, instead, consider it an honor. Rather than inciting division to create some false idea that it is “racist,” settle down those of you who are looking for notoriety and recognize that we are all human beings.


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