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Due to a mix up of a two-part series I originally sent to the Express, there may be some duplication or omission in this part two.

In the first part of this series, published on Oct. 26, I recommended and gave quotes from thinkers Alfred North Whitehead, Ray Bradbury, Joseph Campbell and Murray Rothbard.

Now to Part 2: Once government becomes too powerful to restrain, throughout history, it’s resulted in a blood bath. In my and Edmund Lis’ lifetimes alone, the rulers of various countries, empowered and emboldened, have killed millions and millions of their own citizens, this not counting those war-killed. Unrestrained big central government is not the answer for anything.

Here’s an example of my philosophy in action. Three things are needed to open up revolutionary new vistas: passion, concept and action.

Passion: In returning to the less tarnished values of old, an individual or group would be able to make society better. Even one of the large number of multi-millionaires in the sports and /or entertainment industries that our country has so smiled on, could make good things happen and be ambassadors for the ideas promoted here. Their passion (donating funds to a worthwhile cause rather than run of the mill taxes) would allow an important step towards the proposed concept and action. Perhaps one of the millionaire/billionaire priviledged would emerge as a passionate, serious, honest and loved statesman.

Concept: Develop a healthcare model in a selected city or county that is appropriatly available to all of its citizens. The doctors and other caregivers — supported through the removal of excess malpractice and other overwhelming expenses — would be able to practice good medical care and still be adequately compensated by the millionaires’ donations. This voluntary system could be adjusted as necessary and be fruitful for all. It would require that governments allow a helpful tax break for all participants. Taxes can still be collected by governments (local and distant) and there would be no problem with donors writing off their healthcare taxes.

Action: Such a system could play out beautifully. Donors can write off charitable contributions from their taxes, while doctors and caregivers can provide high-quality care, and patients receive this care for low cost. This voluntary model would provide a pattern, in every variation imaginable, for the rest of the country and even the world. (Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, where are you? Bill Gates, are you listening?)

This model would work for two reasons: it would cover people of limited income, and those with huge income would find a worthy cause to enable giving back, overturning the worm of income inequality.



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