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All have heard the clichés, but to many the reasoning behind such quippy urgings may have been lost. When we don’t, the town, as well as those people that dwell in it, lose.  Winters is a place that recognizes the benefits of Mother Nature’s bounty. Many a local ply their trade within California’s agricultural business. We residents can walk to obtain our produce, our household goods, or to do our banking. Resisting the urge to drive not only promotes one’s own personal health through exercise, it also reduces carbon emissions and helps to ensure that the agribusiness that the town was founded upon remains intact. One fewer trip to Vacaville a week, saves 62.4 gallons of gas per year on average. Experiencing a WalMart greeter has nothing on walking into the local Ace hardware and being welcomed by the smiling faces of your neighbors. A McDonalds burger is easy, comes with a grin and well wishes, but it is not made with love or with hand-picked and locally sourced produce. It is not served to you by friends. It is not a business that you have watched grow from its inception, that you have stake in, or that you benefit from. Businesses right here in town are those things. These are the institutions that sponsor local youth soccer teams, that don’t mind when you have to “get their tip to them next time,” that know your order when you walk in. These are the companies that provide residents with the small-town experiences that have come to define Winters. They are owned and operated by families that have called this town home for generations, they ARE Winters.   Whether it be dining, boutique-ing or just picking up a prescription, doing such things close to home contributes to the economy. Not so much the large, overarching and sometimes volatile country’s economy, but the smaller and less ranging economy of the town. Where the over-all economy is subject to mitigating factors, smaller economies do not normally fluctuate so. The small city economy (at least in this business sense) is most subject to lack of foot-traffic. Many small-town businesses fail because locals rebuke them in spite of change, and Winters has seen no shortage of minimally lived businesses pass through its downtown. Paying that extra dollar for dish-soap in town is an extra dollar that goes back into the community that is so loved. The more money that our institutions take in, the more they are able to give back. It is an extra dollar into the fireworks fund (too soon?). It is new bases on the little league field. It is a more aggrandized YouthDay parade and it is the backbone of this town’s progress. To grow a community serving enterprise, the continued support of the community is a necessity. Especially in these days of easy online shopping, the town’s enterprises need all the help that they can get. The business brethren of Winters are not just peddling their wares and foods to the township, they are selling their dreams, passions and livelihoods to better help ensure that the small-town atmosphere remains.  Shopping locally improves your health, decreases your carbon footprint and provides growth for the town. It supports the endeavors of our friends and family, builds our immediate economy and provides all with the fruits of local labor. We can ALL be better at this.]]>

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