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Gramps Says
Should someone ask, “Who was that crazy guy with a measuring tape out in the middle of the field along the south side of Grant Avenue,” it was me. For your information, the distance between Morgan Street and E. Main Street is 1,061 feet. Why is this important to know? And the answer is, “Because this relates to The Gramps Alternate Walkway Plan.”

Over the years there have been many reasons offered to the question, “Why can’t we install a side walk the length of E. Grant Avenue from the freeway to schools and shopping? It appears that the solution has been to wait for future development that would mandate frontage sidewalks. We should instead ask, “What can we do now to make a continuous walkway?”

This is where Gramps Alternate Plan comes into effect. We install a simple walkway outside of the state easement for Grant Avenue, which is State Hwy. 128 with all of its accompanying restrictions. The walkway would be six feet wide and could be composed of decomposed granite similar to the pathways in Walnut Park. This walkway should be considered as a temporary solution until new development occurs and permanent sidewalks are installed. Perhaps the City could offer the owner of the mentioned field a reduction in their property tax for the right of passage.

The cost for materials to install a six-foot wide walkway with eight inches of decomposed granite and drainage pipe is about $12,000. Tractor work and compaction costs could vary according to the generosity of volunteer community service.

Sophie Says
Providing secure and safe passage for school-age children, mothers with baby carriages, the handicapped and all other pedestrians is a noble cause and is “just the right thing to do.”

Gramps may be a little crazy, but not because he is measuring a field. He has oversimplified things with not enough consideration given to surveys, engineering and all the complexities of City Governess. Nevertheless, let us hope that Gramps’ plan or some other better plan is put into action soon.

Gramps avoided addressing his other pet peeve which is a safe pedestrian crossing across Grant Avenue near to Lorenzo’s Market.

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