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Gramps Says
If the Mexican Corn Pie was available on the dinner menu, that would have been my first choice at the Putah Creek Café. I don’t know where else you can get this dish, and it is so good slathered in red salsa. This evening, after Sophie and completed our survey I opted for vegetarian pizza, hold the mozzarella cheese, which to my taste is without comparison. 

During our survey of visitors to Main Street the comment that we most often heard was how good the food was at the various eateries. It was also voiced often that the settings were relaxing and inviting. It is uplifting to meet so many visitors who are friendly and outgoing.

Those from Winters who read this column were happy to meet Sophie in person, and those who learned that Sophie has her own column were intrigued and pleased to know that their names may be mentioned in her next story.

A guitarist was strumming and singing adjacent to Hooby’s Brewing. Kristen and Frank said they come to downtown Winters every weekend. Nancy, Piper, June, Jeff and Jean — all from our town — shared a table. John and Karen from Woodland were having a night out.

Sierra, who is from Winters, was with a friend who came all the way from Eugene, Ore. to visit. Down the street I met Bob and Genny and their dog Jazz from El Dorado Hills that stopped in to eat.  Jeff, Leslie and Caroline, from San Anselmo and Davis were enjoying eating together and awaiting an order of fruit pie, “for which this place is famous.”

Austin, Chris ,Isabelle and Evan (who works at L’Apero les Trois just down the street) represented Pasadena, LA, Placerville and Winters. Les and Patricia who reside in Davis said that they like to come here because it, “Feels good, it is so inviting.”

I was impressed to see so many local residents enjoying themselves. This includes John, Tracy and Eddie who were, “Having a night out.” Matt, Amy, Elijah and Jackson mentioned downtown is close by. Taylor and Matt from Vacaville were out on ‘date night.’

Eleven members of the Lopez family from Stockton and Woodland were sharing a birthday outing. Steven, Tammy and Manuel from Dixon were enjoying the night out. Steve, Carmina and Margerie from Winters were accompanied by two relations from Oakland. Also, having a night out were Donna and Steve who have lived in Winters for 13 years.

Jim and Chelsea from Winters said,” We like to keep our money in town.” John and Lynn from Benicia were celebrating their 29th anniversary and said, “We get great meals here.” Susanna, Shayla, Rome and Allicia from Suisun and Fairfield mention that, “We enjoy spending time together and this is a nice place to come to.” Four members of the Li family from Sacramento were enjoying a weekend at the Winters Hotel.

Sophie Says
The grand prize for attendees this evening was at the Buckhorn. It was a group of 20 members of the Lozero Family who gathered from Dixon and Lodi to celebrate the 92nd birthday of their family matriarch. 

It’s a little embarrassing to be fawned over all evening. In all modesty all I really do is wag my tail. It didn’t help that Gramps attached a Winters Express Press Badge to my collar. Hmm, ego aside, that is kind of neat.

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