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Gramps Says
Have you ever wondered where all those people come from that fill downtown Main Street in the evenings? Sophie was curious so she decided to take a survey on a busy Saturday during dinner time. She approached people both on the sidewalk or dining at the outdoor tables.

Personally, I think she is a little vain as people tend to fawn over her when she approaches them with a wagging tail. Here is her report.

Sophie Says
Gramps, you’re mixing vanity up with professional journalism. My approach works every time and elicits more spontaneously pleasurable responses than you could dream up in a life time.

I admired the first contact as there were three of my fellow canines in company with one person from Davis and two from Fairfield. Next were four from Winters and one from Vacaville. Gramps bored the four from Lincoln with his tale of taking a flight in a vintage B-17 bomber out of their town.

There were two from Hercules and also two more from Fairfield, and one each from Benicia and El Sobrante. It remains a mystery what brought together each person from New Jersey, Alabama, Utah and Fairfield. I met five more from Winters.

Among another group were one from San Francisco, one from Vallejo and the nice lady from Winters fussed over me and said she was a faithful reader of “Sophie Says.” There were five standing in front of the Buckhorn from Winters. Among other groups were one from Dixon, one from Davis, two Fairfield, two Vallejo, one San Luis Obispo and Walnut Creek.

A nice couple from Illinois is stationed at Travis, so does that count as Fairfield or Illinois? If the latter, they earn the prize as the most distant visitors.

The group of five and another group of eight from Woodland constituted a strong representation of that city. I also found three couples of two each from Vacaville, one Texan and one Placervillian and three from Davis. Let’s not forget to include five more from Fairfield and seven more in two groups from Winters.

Two persons from Dixon finish off the list of about an hour and a half of scientific marketing research for which there will be no charges made neither to the eating establishments on Main Street nor to the Winters Chamber of Commerce.

I’ll leave it up to the statisticians to determine the value of my report. I never was any good at math. I bark once and someone lets me out. If I bark twice, that means it’s urgent.

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