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Gramps Says
The Winters High School basketball and baseball teams served the food, and that is what stands out in my memory of the Be Thankful Winters Community Banquet that was held Sunday, Nov. 20 at St. Anthony Parrish. The young men were animated and friendly and you could sense that they enjoyed ladling generous servings.

Under the direction of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul this event was supported by churches of many denominations in our town along with many volunteers. Businesses and Winters community organizations that participated include the Winters Senior Foundation, First Northern Bank, Altar Society, WHS men’s basketball and baseball teams and the Yolo Food Bank.

Should you be called upon to prepare and serve 200 meals to be provided by volunteers you would be wise to call upon Sandy and Mayte to handle sign-in and printed programs; Dawn to oversee setting up tables; Tina for decorations; Rosemary for stuffing and rolls; Bridget and Shannon for green beans; Elizabeth for potatoes; Romin for gravy; Emily for pies and Bob for transportation. There were many other helping hands that are not mentioned by name on this list. For instance, each table was staffed with a host and hostess and I wonder who provided the cranberry sauce that I recall on the menu.

Forty turkeys were donated by The Yolo Food Bank and Corrine coordinated the distribution of the turkeys to be cooked in the homes of volunteers and delivered to the feast.

Upon entering the dining hall, every guest was warmly greeted and escorted to a seat. Everyone was cordial and it was a good opportunity to meet and make new friends. The turkey was cooked to perfection.

Grams, who is fussy about vegetables, was very complimentary that the green beans were fresh and not soggy. The gravy, which was made from turkey drippings collected from the various kitchens’ in which they were baked, was perfection. No Thanksgiving feast is complete without a slice of pumpkin or apple pie, and these pies would have earned a blue ribbon at any county fair.

Legend has it that Al, while a minister of a congregation on Fourth Street, had the inspiration for a ‘Be Thankful Banquet’ back in 1997. It started off with just a few participants and has grown to what it is today.

Al invited a guitarist to play background music which set a nice ambiance of ‘all is well.’

Sophie Says
Grams can have the green beans, I’ll take the turkey.

Al taught Gramps a few lessons on the guitar, but it didn’t help much. I don’t mean to hurt Gramps feelings, but to put it nicely he has no ‘natural’ talent. However, there is something soothing in the vibration of the strings and I enjoy curling up on a blanket next to where he practices.

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