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The Board of Supervisors made a fair and just decision to exempt previously approved applications from any of these future code changes, and Field & Pond was approved for an increased level of event and B&B operations back in 2016. Further, Field & Pond and its business model already conformed to many of the proposed zoning code changes, such as using a component of the land as part of an agricultural focus.

It is highly likely that these recent changes, which limit rural hospitality to existing farmers, will have a palpable and negative effect on the diversity of business enterprises in the area, as well as on the diversity that outlines who can actually own those enterprises. This sort of policy setting only perpetuates a culture that gives privilege to a small group of people who have always enjoyed it, and disenfranchises others who aspire to attain similar freedoms and successes. However, more importantly, it stifles market competition, which is a vital component for ensuring that the community itself has a variety of fresh and interesting offerings that will foster economic growth and stability across the board.

Do I think that Yolo County should support fair market competition? Yes. It is the American ideology that this country was founded on. The Clarksburg area has enjoyed enormous success by embracing new approaches and sound land use planning. It provides a crystal-clear example of how agritourism can co-exist with active agriculture to the betterment of both.


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