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There are changes coming to the Winters Express, but as with everything at the Express, nothing moves very fast. I have been trying to find an exit strategy for some time, and I might have come up with a solution to finding a way to slow down and limit my work schedule. Technology is helping me transfer a lot of my responsibility to others that don’t have to be in our office. We are also adding staff that will make the paper better and stronger.

I’m sure that a lot of people had hoped that I would make an exit years ago when we merged with the McNaughtons in 1994, but I stuck around for a couple more decades, just for fun.

I have now worked with the McNaughtons longer than with my father. I used to refer to him as the guy that was supposed to be on Page 2, but he hasn’t written in years. He still comes into the office every day, everyone needs a place to go.

My father likes to say that he kept working so that his enemies wouldn’t take pleasure in his retirement. When he did cut back his work schedule, at 97, he joked that he had outlived all of his foes and it was alright to take some time off. I don’t think I’ll have the longevity that he had, or the desire to outlive my enemies. Some of mine are pretty young and there are always new ones to be made.

One of the problems I’m having is that I’ve been making mistakes lately and that is something that drives me crazy. I know I’m not perfect, just ask my friends and family, but mistakes were rare 10 years ago, now it seems that they are almost a daily occurrence.

It was 1983 when my father decided that he didn’t want to be making all the decisions at the Express and made me publisher. I was 32 years old and he was 64 years young. Where did all the years go?

I’ve written before that there aren’t that many people living in Winters who remember when the Express wasn’t run by a Wallace. Were you reading the Express before 1947? Or maybe a better question is, do you remember reading the Express before 1947? If so, drop me a note about how much better the paper was back then, before my family took over the paper.

If your memory is shorter, you can write about how much better the paper was before I took over. It might spice up the Letters to the Editor page.

For all of you getting excited about me retiring, sit down and relax, I’m not going anywhere. It isn’t like I’m going on a permanent vacation, just less time in the office and more time on the road. It seems that I’m busier than ever, even when I’m trying to slowly cut back. Projects still aren’t finished, future projects are still future projects and the grandkids are getting older by the second.

I like fall, it is when the weather starts to change, the holidays are almost here, and another year is coming to an end. Having a December birthday, it also means that I’m another year older. I’ve written this column before and I’ll try to remember to write this same column next year, but until then, keep reading the Express and enjoy the changing of the seasons. And, have a good week.

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