Winters schools class colors are 20 years old

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Students in the Winters Joint Unified School District are assigned a class color when they enter the school district either in transitional kindergarten or kindergarten. The four designated class colors are green, yellow, orange and purple. Twenty years ago class colors were not a thing in Winters schools. That year’s student body classe wanted to find a way to unify the classes and create a fun competition to rally school spirit. I know because I was the student body Secretary. The world wide web was still in the phase of becoming a household thing. Children and adults alike were in a battle of wanting to use dial-up internet and talk on the phone. We did a quick online search and discovered another high school had found success through a “color war” on their campus. “Color war” seemed a little extreme, but we definitely thought a school-wide competition would both help to create school spirit and class unity. In our student government class that day we put a variety of colors into someone’s Winters Warriors hat. We decided not to include red, white or black and for safe measure kept it to basic primary and secondary colors that were available. A class representative from each class took turns pulling a color from the hat and WHS class colors were born just in time for the 1998 Homecoming week. The class of 1999 was the first senior class to sport the color orange for homecoming week. The junior class of 2000 was purple, the sophomore class of 2001 was green and the freshman class of 2002 was yellow. All week long each class fiercely wore their class color. The powder puff game was a mix of Winters Warriors jerseys mixed with orange and purple. It was also a fun and easy way to continue beyond Homecoming for the rest of the year. Some weren’t sure if it would be successful. I think it was not just well received, but now as an adult I can confirm it was a complete success. We never expected class colors to trickle down to the lower grades. Coming back to Winters as a parent with my own children I was shocked to learn that the same class colors were now at both the middle school and elementary schools. It’s exciting to see that even at the younger grade levels Winters students are still embracing and proudly representing their class. It is definitely something that makes going to school in Winters special.]]>

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