Child Support Awareness Month in Yolo County

The month of August is Child Support Awareness Month.

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The month of August is Child Support Awareness Month. Child Support Services for Yolo County wants to remind parents that they are among the 49 child support agencies across the state that offer many services to assist parents in supporting their children.

Research conducted statewide in 2017 revealed that many California parents, both outside the Child Support Program and participating in it, were unaware of programs available for their benefit through Child Support Services. For example, if a parent wants to get a court order for either financial or medical support, Child Support Services can help.  Child Support Services can also enforce existing court orders for support and help keep track of payments to provide peace of mind for all. Services are free for parents enrolled in the Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF) program, while all others pay only a $25 annual fee.

“The statewide theme for this year’s Child Support Awareness Month is, ‘You are there for them. We’ll be there for you’” said Natalie Dillon, director of the county’s child support agencies.  “We’d like for parents in Colusa, Sutter and Yolo counties to know that this is certainly the case. One of our goals is to help parents by making what can be a complicated or difficult situation easier to navigate.”

Child support payments provide a measure of financial stability for families and create better outcomes for children.  It can be complicated, but the employees at Child Support Services are ready to help.  Child Support Services in the following counties can be reached at 866-901-3212 or as follows:

Yolo County:


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