Vouchers available for replacement of old wood stoves

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With the arrival of cooler, fall weather, the Yolo- Solano Air Quality Management District (AQMD) is encouraging residents to take advantage of financial incentives to replace older, heavily polluting wood burning stoves and fireplaces.

“Non-EPA certified wood stoves and fireplaces are a significant source of air pollution in our district” said Mat Ehrhardt, Yolo-Solano AQMD’s Director. “We hope residents will use this opportunity to improve air quality in their own homes and in the community.”

Older wood stoves not only emit more pollutants, but they are less efficient at heating your home. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), certified wood stoves and fireplaces can burn one-third less fuel and cut emissions of pollutants by 50 percent. Air pollution that comes from wood smoke contains gases, toxics and particulate matter. Fine particulate matter (PM 2.5) can penetrate deep into the lungs and cause serious health problems.

Vouchers of $1,000 are available to help with the cost of replacing a pre-1988, non-EPA certified wood stove or fireplace that is a primary source of heat, with a new, cleaner-burning EPA certified wood stove or insert, pellet stove, natural gas, propane or electric heating device or ductless mini-split heat pump. For low-income residents, vouchers of $3,500 are available. To qualify, residents must be participating in a low-income assistance program (WIC, CARE or LIHEAP) or meet income eligibility requirements. To be eligible for the program, a voucher must be issued by the district prior to the removal of the existing stove or installation of a new heating device. For more information about the Yolo-Solano AQMD Wood Smoke Reduction Program, visit ysaqmd.org/incentives or call 530-757-3650. To learn more about the Yolo-Solano AQMD, including signing up for air quality alerts and the monthly newsletter, visit: ysaqmd.org. Connect with the District on Facebook at: facebook.com/YoloSolanoAir or on Twitter at: twitter.com/YoloSolanoAir.


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