Yolo County Residents: Get a free reusable 1 lb. propane cylinder at the Yolo County Central Landfill

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Californians regularly use 1 lb. propane gas cylinders for outdoor grills, heaters, and lighting, and can now save money by buying and refilling reusable 1 lb. propane cylinders. Californians use an estimated four million single-use cylinders each year. When purchasing a single-use 1 lb. propane cylinder, 80 percent of the cost is for the package. Reusable cylinders can be refilled hundreds of times for up to 10 years.

Yolo County residents can receive a free reusable 1 lb. propane cylinder when they bring an empty single-use 1 lb. propane cylinder to the Yolo County Propane Cylinder Exchange event on Saturday, Sept. 21 from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. at the Yolo County Central Landfill located at 44090 Co Rd 28H in Woodland. Limit one per household, while supplies last.


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