Winters Public Safety Report: Dec. 1, 2021

Winters Fire Department Captains Cheyne Baumgart, Art Mendoza and Matthew Schechla took center stage at the Winters Senior Foundation annual Christmas event to collect donated toys and ensure a happy Christmas for some Winters children. Courtesy photo

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Winters Fire Department Report Log
Nov. 12:
3:36 a.m., medical aid, 20 block of Fredericks Drive.
~10:16 a.m., medical aid, 800 block of Jackson Street.
~11:20 a.m., mutual aid, Putah Creek Road/Johnson Road.

Nov. 14: 2:37 p.m., vehicle accident, E Grant Avenue/Timber Crest Road.

Nov. 15: 12:54 a.m., vehicle accident, Russell Boulevard/CR 93A.
~11:03 a.m., medical aid, 500 block of East Street.

Nov. 16: 10:15 p.m., medical aid, 110 block of E Baker Street.
~11:27 p.m., medical aid, 100 block of Lauren Court.

Nov. 18: 9:15 a.m., medical aid, 20 block of E Main Street.
~11:42 a.m., vehicle accident, CR 29A/CR 89.
~6:42 p.m., technical rescue, 430 block of Abbey Street.

Nov. 20: 1:20 p.m., medical aid, 200 block of Grant Avenue.
~8:34 p.m., medical aid, 620 block of Ivy Loop.

Nov. 22: 10:08 a.m., medical aid, Positas Road.
~10:25 a.m., medical aid, 600 block of Snapdragon Street.
~1:46 p.m., odor investigation, 200 block of Main Street.
~6:25 p.m., medical aid, 100 block of Caselli Court.

Nov. 23: 6:12 p.m., medical aid, 300 block of Creekside Way.
~10 p.m., medical aid, 80 block of Owings Court.

Nov. 24: 11:12 a.m., investigation (low hanging wires), Second Street/Grant Avenue.
~12:37 p.m., medical aid, Railroad Avenue/Wolfskill Street.

Nov. 25: 12:19 p.m., fire alarm, 400 block of Morgan Street.
~5:09 p.m., medical aid, Broadview Lane/Morgan Street.

Winters Police Department Report Log

Arrest Log
Nov. 18: Armando Palmerian Guzman (Age 34), Charges: Two Winters PD Misdemeanor Bench Warrants, Disposition: Transported to Yolo County Jail.
~Thomas Alan Johnson (Age 58); Charges: Assault w/ a deadly weapon, Vandalism under $400; Disposition: Transported to Yolo County Jail.

Nov. 19: Adam Aquilno Bertinoia (Age 37); Charges: Driving under the influence of alcohol, Driving with an opened container; Disposition: Transported to Yolo County Jail.

Nov. 20: Abel Geovanni Herrera Rodriguez (Age 22); Charges: Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol/DUI .08 percent or greater, Failure to stop at limit line against solid red arrow, Driving with an open container; Disposition: Transported to Yolo County Jail.

Case Log
Nov. 14: E Grand Avenue/Timber Crest Road, Traffic Collusion.

Nov. 16: 11:19 p.m., 100th block of E Grant Avenue, Audible Alarm.
~11:44 p.m., 800th block of W Main Street, Verbal Argument.

Nov. 17: 10:53 p.m., 100th block of E Grant Avenue, Assist Outside Agency.

Nov. 18: 1:56 p.m., 400th block of Railroad Avenue, Vehicle Towed.
~1:56 p.m., 400th block of Cottage Circle, Towed Vehicle.

Nov. 19: 9:05 a.m., 100th block of Summerwood Drive (Woodland), Outside Agency Assist.

Nov. 20: 5:34 p.m., 800th block of Fenley Way, Audible Alarm.

Nov. 21: 11:28 a.m., 10th block of Abbey Street, Grand Theft.
~5:55 a.m., 700th block of Lupine Way, Brandishing a weapon.

Nov. 22: 1:32 p.m., 700th block of Matsumoto Lane, Forgery and Counterfeiting.

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