Paywall Policy

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The Winters Express, like other small community news organizations, relies on a partnership between readers and advertisers to fund its newsroom. We appreciate your readership, thrive on subscriptions, and ask you to subscribe to receive the Express each week at home in print, as a high-resolution PDF by email or both. Web access to recent content is free to subscribers, and otherwise $60/year as a non-subscribing members.

The Express uses a so-called Paywall to balance access for paid subscribers and access to the public. Paid (Members), Printed (Subscribers) and Premium (Complete) Content  are not Free and are said to be hidden “behind the Paywall.” With the exception of Obituaries and items that we publish under the Express commercial content policy and label as Sponsored, whether or not an item is available “in front of the Paywall” to the public for Free is at the sole discretion of Express staff. Typically, public interest, public safety and community member-submitted content are free to non-members. Certain pages, such as the Winters Weather page and Community Calendar, are Free, and provided as a public service.

Most items published over six months ago become Archived Content. Research members can access the Archive. An Archive Daypass is available starting at $5, and Archive Subscription starts at $120/year. Archive access covers the cost of digitization and media storage.