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Bobbie Greenwood, the American Field Service (AFS) program advisor, introduced this year’s Winters High School AFS students to the Trustees at the Thursday, Sept. 19 Winters Joint Unified School Board meeting. Before having students introduce themselves Greenwood told them it will be an unforgettable year for them. “I want them to know how lucky they are that they have come to spend a year in this wonderful place. Do you know that yet?” Greenwood said. Finn Roeger from Germany said coming to Winters was a big change for him since he lives in Berlin which has over 5 million inhabitants. Roeger is staying with Kim and Michael Olivas and is currently playing for the WHS football team. Fiona Retzlaff from Germany said she likes Winters very much because everyone here is very kind and open minded. She said one of her favorite things so far has been watching the sunsets. Retzlaff is staying with Laura and Dave Ray. Gioia Ferraris from Austria said she just arrived and has only been in Winters for a week. She is staying with Tracy and Robert Nickelson and is currently part of the WHS cheer squad. Educator appointed for Community Advisory Committee Trustees approved the staff’s recommendation to appoint educator Andrea Hurst as the Winters JUSD staff member to the Community Advisory Committee (CAC). Sandra Ayón, Assistant Superintendent and Director of Educational Services, presented the recommendation and said Hurst had agreed to serve a two-year term beginning July 1 through June 30, 2021 pending board approval. “The candidate is knowledgeable about special education programs and services and can speak on a variety of issues and needs,” said Ayón. The CAC of Yolo County advises school districts, the Yolo County Office of Education and the SELPA Administrator on matters pertaining to the planning and implementation of special education programs and services throughout Yolo County SELPA. Updates to Emergency Operations Plan Presented Nicole Reyherme, Director of Innovation and Technology, presented updates to the draft for the 2019-20 Winters JUSD Violence Prevention and Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). The draft proposes updates to reflect new personnel and administration changes as well as incorporation of changes at school sites.  The original school district EOP was first approved by Trustees on October 18, 2018. District staff met with local Emergency Service agencies, the Yolo County Office of Emergency Services, Keenan and Associates, and parent advocates to apply appropriate updates based on current events and best practices. Trustees are expected to vote for approval of the 2019-20 EOP at the Thursday, Oct. 3 school board meeting. Interim Chief Business Officer In the Consent Agenda the Board approved “Personnel as Listed” including the approval of new hire Mary Kay Calloway who is serving as the Interim Chief Business Officer following the recent departure on Thursday, Sept. 19 of Karen Peters from the position. The Chief Business Officer position is currently posted on job websites, including EdJoin and Glassdoor, with an application deadline of Friday, Sept. 27. Questions can be directed to Theresa Dunlop. Board Certification of Unaudited Actuals Financial Report for 20I8/19 Calloway presented trustees, who later approved, the Winters JUSD Unaudited Actuals Financial Report for 20I8/19. The state of California requires the district to compile a financial report of all school district funds for an entire fiscal year for review and approval of the board before being submitted to the County Superintendent of Schools. The 2018/19 Unaudited Actuals Financial Report and SACS Financial Reports included the actual income and expense information for each of the Districts eight active funds: General Fund #01; Child Development Fund #12; Cafeteria Fund #13; Building Fund (Bond Fund) #21; Capital Facilities Fund #25; Redevelopment Agency/Health and Safety Fund #26; Special Reserve Fund #40 and the Bond Interest and Redemption Fund #51 (Mandated by the County of Yolo). The General Fund revenues totaled $19,311,,652 and includes 79 percent of LFCC (The local control funding formula) revenue, 3 percent of  Federal revenue, 14 percent of other state revenue and 4 percent of other local revenue. General Fund Expenditures totaled $19,315,716 and includes 80 percent of salaries and benefits, 5 percent of books and supplies, 12 percent of services and other operating costs, and 3 percent equipment and other outgo. The total contributions from the General Fund was $2.3 M and had an ending balance (as of June 30) of $2,456,761. Other fund highlights included:

  • Child Development Fund #12 was underfunded and had $23K of General Fund contribution.
  • Cafeteria Fund #13 received support from the Farm to School program and had an ending balance of $266K.
  • Building Fund (Bond Fund) #21 accrued $7.9M in proceeds from the sale of bonds and funded continued construction at WHS. It had an ending balance of $6.5M.
  • Capital Facilities Fund #25 received $449K in developer fee revenue and had an ending balance of $1M.
  • Redevelopment Agency/Health and Safety Fund #26 received $131K in redevelopment agency income and funded the purchases of the mower/mulcher and paving project.
  • Special Reserve Fund #40 received General Fund contributions of $73K for deferred maintenance projects including the Winters MiddleSchool walkway/ramp ($17K), hazardous waste removal ($5K), Waggoner Elementary paving ($6K) and new carpet for the Winters State Preschool Center ($9K).
As presented by Calloway: 
  • the percent of 2018/19 cost of education expended for classroom compensation is 55.64 percent.
  • GANN limit calculation were $10,476,929. 
  • the preliminary indirect cost rate is 5.02 percent (for use in 2020/21).
  • the Every Student Succeeds Act determined Winters JUSD met its Maintenance of Effort.
Concern EAP approved as employee resource In the Consent Agenda the Board approved to enter into a contract with Concern EAP to provide an Employee Assistance Program to Winters JUSD staff and their covered dependents. Information on Concern EAP was first presented by Superintendent Todd Cutler at the Sept. 5 school board meeting. Cutler reported staff initiated a search for a program last school year and Concern EAP was recommended as the one to best fits the needs of the District. It provides up to five covered visits for an employee’s applied issue with Concern EAP. The cost to the district is $8,900 annually.  ]]>

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